The University of Arkansas

O.M.N.I. Seminar

Organizers: Newton Foster/William Taylor

This seminar is an opportunity for members of the department, expecially graduate students, to share their knowledge and interest in various mathematical subjects with each other and meet friends inside and outside the department. O.M.N.I. stands for Organized Mathematical Networking and Inquiry. It indicates our interest in all areas of mathematics.

Talks in the seminar are given by graduate students and faculty. Special attention is given to students presenting their research or the interesting mathematics they have encountered in completing their degree. This seminar is also an opportunity for faculty to present their research at a level appropriate for second-year and later graduate students. Please contact the organizers if you are interested in speaking at the seminar.

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 3:30 PM in Science Engineering 322. Exceptions are colored in green. All are welcome.

Date Speaker Title (click for abstract)
Jan. 21, 2014 Lance Miller
(U. Ark)
Hilbert's 14th problem: Finite generation of Rings of Invariants.
Feb 4, 2014 Newton Foster
(U. Ark)
Pseudohyperbolic Metric on the Complex Unit Disk
Feb 18, 2014 Yo'av Rieck
(U. Ark)
Fiber Bundle: A Quick Introduction
Feb 25, 2014 William Taylor
(U. Ark)
Integral Closure of Ideals
Mar 4, 2014 Edmund Harriss
(U. Ark)
Seeing Functions
Mar 11, 2014 Michael Tinker Heat Kernel Estimates by Trial and Error
Apr 15, 2014 Marco Peloso
(U. Ark)
Boundary behavior of biholomorphic mappings in one and several variables
Apr 22, 2014 William Taylor
(U. Ark)
Painting Cubes

This Semester's Talks